Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Elderly Challenge Reflection

1) What have you learnt?

I learnt many of the design and thinking process tools such as SCAMPER and shape borrowing, and learnt new things such as ergonomics and anthropometry. I also learned to apply the design skills in making the prototype. More importantly, I learned how to manage my time. The schedule was tight, and I had to fit in ADMT tasks while balancing out my revision timetable.

2) What are the difficulties encountered?

I encountered difficulties in managing my time and making the prototype. When making the prototype, there were some properties of the product I could not fit in, and there was no alternative. Also when fitting in the making of the prototype in my time, I spent too much time on unnecessary things, such as the details before the main component of my product.
3) How did you overcome the difficulties?

I did my best to leave some portion of time to ADMT, and in the end managed to sqeeze in whatever I could. The product also turned out fine, though it was lacking in the maneuverability. 

Commitment - Time and effort had to be put in for this project.
Creativity - Using all the materials available to me, and fixing it to allow the product's unique features to stand out.

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