Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ergonomics (Product description and Idea Trigger)

i) Describe the product. (Appearance, Color, Function, etc)

It's function is to clean the wok after cooking. The handle is a baby blue shade, and it has steel wool at the top of the handle.

ii) What are the design considerations when designing this product?

The handle is present as an improvement from just the steel wool as it can prevent the user from getting burnt. There is also a good grip on the handle for comfort.

iii) Would an elderly faced difficulty using this product? If yes, what are the difficulties that the elderly would face?

No, they would not. (At least none that i can think of right now.) Though there could be improvements to the grip to increase friction to prevent it from dropping into the wok when cleaning as the elderly have weak grips as the muscles in their hands have deteriorated. The steel wool could also be modified to have non-stick material on it so that it will not get stuck on the wok when the elderly is cleaning it.

iv) What do you think can be done to improve on the design of the product to suit the elderly? (Sketch the improved design in your sketchbook and take a picture of it. Post the improved sketch at the end of your post.)


  1. You can consider placing a plastic extension for the elderly to put their hands in so that it will not slip. High friction grips might break their skin easily as their skin will get thinner as they grow older.

  2. I would recommend using rubber for the grip

  3. i agree with Jonathan. By the way i think your description of the product is good.

  4. How about making it collapsible? You can make the handles curve so as to fold it easily.

  5. I like your sketches! Good job!

  6. I recommend that you should have a rubber handle, with a hooped end so that the elderly can put their hands through, like the string on the camera that you put your hand through. the rubber handle should help increase a fair amount of friction and covering most of the brush with the rubber may prevent the elderly from dropping it. The string or flexible rubber at the end could be used to hang the brush up to dry, or to make sure it does not drop on the floor if the elderly does lose grip of it. :D overall, i think it is a good job xD