Monday, February 15, 2010


This is JingJie, who on the way up to our classroom after lesson was over was trying to take a picture of me behind his back with his phone.
This was taken during class, and Harsh appears to be listening attentively to Miss Seah by the way he was leaning forward.
Our silhouettes at the notice board near the classroom was taken after Shawn suggested it and it looks pretty cool.
They both look like they're working hard to take their pictures properly, with the look on their faces.
Miss Ooi, who after we requested permission to take her photography, kindly posed for us. But afterwards asked us where our ADMT blog homepage was, so she could delete it.

The best time to take photos is during early morning and late afternoon.

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  1. Pictures doesn't seem to have a good lighting, butrule of third was displayed well. Should not have Jing jie's head cut off.